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the power of words

Words have set whole nations in motion…Give me the right word and the right accent and I will move the world. Joseph Conrad

They say words can move mountain.. Well, I believe in that notion — literally and figuratively speaking.

Therefore, I strongly believe in the advantage of being able to communicate effectively – be it verbal or written communication.

Articulate speaker(s) or prolific writer(s) should be able to move that ‘mountain’ with her words. 

All too often execution fails due to lack of or poor quality of communication — when we are talking in professional / business context.

Hey, I know I might be just stating the obvious however I do believe that there’s a HUGE gap between ‘knowing’ that obvious notion and actually ‘doing’ it.

So in the final analysis, to end this work week and to begin this new blog, let us all strive to be a better communicator.


I know that some people can just mince words or communicate manipulatively – that is why I stress upon ‘doing’. We’ll express on ‘doing’ i.e. walking the talk in the next post.

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