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The Maven and The Connector

Jack of all traits. You are trained to be one (as Jack of Traits or as Generalist) when you are Project Manager, Product Manager or Strategy Consultant.

So, between the maven and the connector, I think I tend to lean towards… both. Well, depending on what I am working on.

If required then I’ll wear my ‘maven hat’ by collecting as much as information, both first hand and through secondary research. ..And other time, I’ll follow Keith Ferrazzi’s advice in Never Eat Alone by being a connector and have that ‘deep bump’ to build the relationship / connection.

Now, I learn that actually we are less productive when we multitask. Therefore, I would dedicate this week to become a ‘connector’. I am trying to reach out to all those mavens and expert through several channels (both online and real life, face-to-face meeting).

Oh by the way, there’s also a next category or type of person: the salesman. Umm.. I haven’t been into this for quite some time though. One step at a time. Monotask.

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