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Improve, improve and improve. Rome was not built in a day. Mozart was not born a maestro.

It’s Friday. It’s the end of weekdays. People wear casual clothes to the office. (They wear more ‘batik’ these days in this beloved country). You can just tell that the pace is slightly slowing down — or even almost not moving at all. Well, the story might have been different had I been still in a consulting firm. Friday is the day when we prepare for our workshop that usually takes place in the weekend.

I’d just like to take the opportunity to reflect to what has transpired during the week — or even (if I do have time) what went down this year in 2011. It’s December 2011 and we’ll be in 2012 in less than a month.

This week has been less than ordinary. Suffice it to say.. It has been a roller coaster ride.. If you’re a movie buff, then I’m telling  you that the genre is both ‘Suspense’ and ‘Drama’. More of ‘suspense’ during the day and ‘drama’ in the after hours..

Hey, I know this is really different from what I used to write in the previous postings. I guess I am just having slightly more time up on my sleeve to afford this luxury of longer writing.

Let’s get back to business…

Why do we need to reflect?

Even donkey does not trip at the same spot. So, there you go. We need to constantly learn and improve ourselves.

How to reflect or review your actions?

All we need is ‘quite’ time. Make that ‘quite’ time if required. Recall every single important things that you thought, you  did and the outcome — blow by blow. What went wrong? What went well? Make sure you note them down.

What’s next then?

Improve, improve and improve. Rome was not built in a day. Mozart was not born a maestro.


So, it’s weekend around the corner. Take a breather. Enjoy your beautiful family.

P.S. I don’t have much time after all. So I can’t do a review on 2011.

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