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Delighting Your Customers

Quality is …

Well, there are many definitions of quality. One that sticks to my mind is the expectation of customers towards your products and / services.

How do you know your customers’ expectation? By listening to their feedback or by getting the ‘voice of customers’ — so to speak.

When you meet the customers’ expectation then the customers are supposed to be satisfied; and when you exceed their expectation then they will be DELIGHTED.

I’d like to apply all the concept of ‘Quality’ above to improve this blog.

I observed that there’s one pattern of readership in this blog.

I’m not sure though whether this pattern will continue.. Is it a sustainable pattern? I don’t know.

So if you happen to view and read this, would you please leave your comment.

Therefore, I will be able to:

1) Get the ‘voice of my customers’ — which means, I will have the first hand knowledge what constitutes as ‘Quality’. For example, would you like to read more about personal development or brand management or strategy execution etc?

2)Meet this ‘Quality’ standard — by listening to the ‘Voice of Customers’

and finally

3)Deliver above and beyond the standard; so that I can finally DELIGHT the readers of this blog (read: THE CUSTOMERS).

Having written the above, I look forward to reading your comments.

Happy holidays, folks!!!

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