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Life is a RACE!!!





The above points are purely my own thought exercise based on a decade of experience in Financial Service (and a quick 1 year stint in Strategy Consulting Firm).

Rationalizing is the process of formulating the strategy and initiatives to support it to reach the organizations’ goals. Of course, we need to perform all the study or research to ensure that we know the external environment (the usual PESTEL) and trends or ‘shapers’ of the industry. Knowing internal capability is an integral part of  this process as well — since you need to know the resources available (or to be available) to win the competition in the given environment. [Why ‘rationalize’? Because the essence of the first process is to ‘make sense’ and ‘consolidate’ both the external reality and the internal reality.]

Anticipating is another way of looking at RISK MANAGEMENT. We foresee possible events and prepare and attempt to mitigate the risks.

Communicating is delivering your message to all the accountable parties. How? All sorts of ways possible.. Verbal, written or combination of both.

EXECUTING is making things happen. This is where the rubber meets the road.

What’s next? Go back to ‘rationalizing’ after you perform the execution.

Ask the brutal question whether initiatives/the process/the program actually work.

Life is RACE!!! It could be a 100 m sprint or a full marathon or perhaps a Formula 1..

Visualize yourself this time next year winning it!!!

Have a great 2012!

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