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How To Break Inertia


Allow me to set the context..

Newton’s first laws of motion has it that “the velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force”.

So that books which collect dust will remain… as a dust collector.. Or that dumbbells will take permanent residency on your shelfs if nobody takes their time to lift and make good use of it.


It’s a start of the last of week of this year already. I can safely assume that we are way over from being ‘hung up’ by our so called new year resolution(s). Time to take a much practical (some might say skeptical) perspective.

But hold on, are we really going to give up that easy?

This is just the right time to revisit that law of motion..

If you feel or think that most of your resolutions are not ‘moving’, then we can simply say that there must have been not enough force acted upon them.

Internal force? External force? Perhaps both.

Roll the ball

I guess we must have heard the following quotes:

“Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become words. Pay attention to  your words, because they become actions. Pay attention to your actions,  because they become habits. Pay attention to your habits, because they  become your character. Pay attention to your character, because it becomes  your fate.”

So, how to start to roll the ball again..into full speed? Begin from your thoughts.. Visualize. That will be the GREAT force that moves you into your GOALS. ..and eventually your fate.

Have a prosperous year of Dragon!


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