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Are You a Leapling?

If you answer “Yes” to the question above.. Well, happy birthday (then) 🙂

Personally, I do not know anyone (relatives, friends, colleagues etc) who were born on 29th February.

I am sure it would be a ‘rare’ day that they celebrate once every 4 year (eventhough they must have somehow celebrate their birthday on 1st March on non-leap year).

..and personally to me, any day is a GOOD day. Any day is good day to be productive, to share your thoughts, knowledge, time, or even wealth to others.

I am just trying to say that we should not let a reform which took place in 45BC (which iniatiated the realignment of calendar) tells us when we can feel ‘happy’ for our birthday.. Or even this idea that I heard whereby a woman can propose a man on a leap year…

Do what you think and feel that can bring you closer to your goal(s) or happiness TODAY. (well, it does not hurt, though, if you want to have today as much more special.)

Happy birthday Leaplings!


How Many Items Have You Crossed Off from Your To Do List Today?

hmm this is easily the longest blog title that I have — to date 🙂

I am a productivity apps junkie.. It’s a confession.. Right now, I am trying this new app that you can find in

How does it work?

The app serves as a very simple ‘journal’ to log all your activities during the day.

The app will also send you an email to ask on the activities that you have done for the day.

So, rather than crossing off my to do list today, I will log all the items that I have done.

Let’s see how it can actually drive me to achieve more .. I mean to finish all the tasks at hand — big and small.

The Artist

No, I’m not going to talk about the Best Picture according to Oscar this year..
..and no, this post is nothing about movie either..

What comes to mind when we talk about ‘artist’ or art for that matter?

An individual who produces work of art?

Jokingly, we call people at work as ‘artist’ when they work well only when they are in their ‘good mood’.. They need to have that ‘inspiration’ first before they can actually start to work.

Is it true though?

I mean, does artist have such ‘poor’ work ethic?

Well, I do not have the empirical data to prove or disprove that notion (yet).

But I do know that it takes serious project management discipline to ‘ship’ the work of art such as ‘The Artist’ (yes, I am refering to the Oscar winner now).

So, it’s not wrong to seek an inspiration to get you going.. Everybody has their own muse.. But always remember to deliver on time; because timing (I believe) is still everything — even for an artist.

Are You Listening To Your Customer?

Ever heard of the acronym ‘VOC’? It stands for Voice of Customers.. One thing that any project managers (back in my General Electric days) should know when they are preparing for their business case(s).

The customers can be internal customers as well as external customers – depending where you are in the business system.

Hold on.. This blog is not about management philosophy or practice per se.. Don’t run off yet because of the management speak and jargon / acronym.. 🙂

I’d just like to highlight the importance of listening to your customers..

When I think about it.. I mean, on listening to the customers.. Even the top bloggers that I follow actually listen to their customers (readers)

I am talking about Seth Godin (, Chris Brogan ( and Ramit Sethi (

How do I know that these guys actually listen to the customers?

They all replied to my emails…and within 24hours.

Do they have staff to do this? Or some automated response which can actually customize the response depending on the email? Or the email that I sent was quite clear therefore it did not take so much effort to answer it? Or was it due to perfect timing? I mean, these top bloggers happened not be swamped in other important activities…

Whatever the answers to the above questions, the point remains that they do LISTEN to their customers.

So I become a satisfied customer and keep on reading their blogs.

Are You Working On Your Priorities?

The above question really hit me this morning when I receive my email subscription from Chris Brogan (

To be exact, the question asks whether we are working on our priority on DAILY basis.

Hey, that’s the whole idea of naming this blog ‘my daily two cents’ so that I write on daily basis on my observation on this world: professional related or personal related.. and I am guilty sometime of skipping a day or two by not writing this blog on daily basis.

Yes, it’s my priority to build my capability as a writer. The one who distills his tacit knowledge into explicit one in the form of writing.

So what are your priorities (both professional and personal…)?

Are you working on them on daily basis?

I am going to make my five-minute-call to my 2 year old son now.. (it’s my priority to keep in touch with my beloved family)

Have a great day folks!

How’s Your New Year’s Resolution(s)? (Let’s March Ahead)

Well, if you have none then you don’t have to worry about it, right? Wrong.

They say that the days are long but the years are short.

In a slow day, be it at work or at home, you feel bored or perhaps you feel that the activities are such a drag..

Have a plan. Don’t just react or even worse only sit there.

The year will definitely come to an end like any other past years.

Visualize. How would you like to see yourself at the end of this year?

March is fast approaching. Let’s ‘march’ ahead. The battle might only begin for some of us.

Got Ideas? (Be Perceptive)

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” Howard Aiken

Earth-shaterring and ground-breaking ideas..???

I wish I had one right now…

We all want to change the world, right?

I am not going throw you “5 Steps of …” or “3 Lessons of …”.

Be perceptive. Simple.

Look the life through sharper perspectives.. Or find different perspectives…

Immerse yourself in finer details today..but perceive them through different perspectives.

..and you might get that earth-shaterring and ground breaking ideas


What Do You Want To Achieve Today?

What? Nothing? Too lethargic to do anything? Feel a bit jaded?

Remember this:

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” Tony Robbins

Look around you. Take a minute to ponder how lucky you are.

Are you with me now?

Now let’s go conquer the day!!!

I leave you with the inspirational music from 2cello..Enjoy!

Biased Towards Actions

I love ideas, concepts, abstract things …

Perhaps, it’s wired inside my head as a person who is (I just found out through a test) naturally a right-brainer.

But at the end of the day, you need to ask a very crucial question: how closer am I to my dreams/objectives/goals today?

All those ideas will remain inside your head unless you take a concrete actions on them. Whether the actions are right or wrong, we can always review and tweak the actions.

In the final analysis..

Be biased towards actions. (yes, I am inspired by ‘Make Ideas Happen’ by Scott Belsky when I wrote this) Here’s the link to the book

Checklist (..and this is where the rubber meets the road!)

Yes, you have planned the journey. Very thoroughly…

  • Vehicle in top condition. Check.
  • GPS is functioning well. Check. (Since you are traveling to a totally new destination).
  • Good music to accompany the long trip. Check.
  • The trusted thermos to carry your fuel (i.e. shots of espresso). Check.

The list can continue…


What am I talking about here? Preparation for a journey.

It helps to know exactly what you need to ensure that you have a safe journey to get you to your destination.


They say victory loves good preparation.

After that long list of things to prepare then all you need to do is DO.

Let’s DO it! Let’s conquer this week!!!