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(Still on) Commitment

It’s Friday!!!

The day when people at the office seem to deliberately slow down their pace…

But, no, I’m not talking about TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) or anytthing related to that..

I’m talking about the habit that some friends and I started since the first Friday of this year: stairs climbing.

We have kept on climbing the stairs ever since every Friday. We even increased the dose of the training by adding Wednesday as another stair-climbing day since last week.

Oh by the way, it’s only 25 floors.. LOL..

On average, it takes us around 6 minutes to get to 25th floor from 1st floor.

So assuming we can develop a stamina that can sustain that speed, we can easily climb 100th floor in less than half an hour. That will be the DAY!!!

Again, it takes commitment to stick to the regular plan.

Let me leave you with Rocky Balboa’s “Gonna Fly Now” soundtrack to pump up this Friday!!! 😀

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