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Can We Beat Isaac Newton(‘s Law of Inertia) ?

“The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force”

Well, I am afraid the simple and short answer to that question above is “No”.

Picture this.

Five o’clock in the morning while the weather is quite breezy and your nice comfortable bed seems to beckon at you to get back and continue that beautiful dream.

Without strong willpower, there will be no need for the bed to beckon at you 🙂 Since by this time you already muster all the will to at least stand up and get out from the bed.

External Force

But what actually gives that extra ‘push’ to nudge you to put on the running gear.. To stick to the plan to run in accordance to the ‘Mileage Buildup Table’ so that in time you will be prepared for the run.

Do you need to have a ‘Personal Trainer’ to yell at you?

Do you need to have a bet with a friend (or someone) that you will carry out the preparation otherwise you will lose the bet?

Well, we have our own prefered external force to carry on.. To move on..

Me? I told my wife to wake me up 🙂

..and I took it from there (with my willpower to beat the inertia)

In the final analysis

The sooner we realize this law the better. So that we can take actions accordingly. We simply need that ‘external force’ to  move on and go forward. This, off course, applies to any of aspects that we deal in our life. You name it..

We’ll be the same person as we are right now in 5, 10, 15 or even years and years from now unless we do something about it to change it (by beating the inertia).

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