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Are You Listening To Your Customer?

Ever heard of the acronym ‘VOC’? It stands for Voice of Customers.. One thing that any project managers (back in my General Electric days) should know when they are preparing for their business case(s).

The customers can be internal customers as well as external customers – depending where you are in the business system.

Hold on.. This blog is not about management philosophy or practice per se.. Don’t run off yet because of the management speak and jargon / acronym.. 🙂

I’d just like to highlight the importance of listening to your customers..

When I think about it.. I mean, on listening to the customers.. Even the top bloggers that I follow actually listen to their customers (readers)

I am talking about Seth Godin (, Chris Brogan ( and Ramit Sethi (

How do I know that these guys actually listen to the customers?

They all replied to my emails…and within 24hours.

Do they have staff to do this? Or some automated response which can actually customize the response depending on the email? Or the email that I sent was quite clear therefore it did not take so much effort to answer it? Or was it due to perfect timing? I mean, these top bloggers happened not be swamped in other important activities…

Whatever the answers to the above questions, the point remains that they do LISTEN to their customers.

So I become a satisfied customer and keep on reading their blogs.

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