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The Artist

No, I’m not going to talk about the Best Picture according to Oscar this year..
..and no, this post is nothing about movie either..

What comes to mind when we talk about ‘artist’ or art for that matter?

An individual who produces work of art?

Jokingly, we call people at work as ‘artist’ when they work well only when they are in their ‘good mood’.. They need to have that ‘inspiration’ first before they can actually start to work.

Is it true though?

I mean, does artist have such ‘poor’ work ethic?

Well, I do not have the empirical data to prove or disprove that notion (yet).

But I do know that it takes serious project management discipline to ‘ship’ the work of art such as ‘The Artist’ (yes, I am refering to the Oscar winner now).

So, it’s not wrong to seek an inspiration to get you going.. Everybody has their own muse.. But always remember to deliver on time; because timing (I believe) is still everything — even for an artist.

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