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Are You a Leapling?

If you answer “Yes” to the question above.. Well, happy birthday (then) 🙂

Personally, I do not know anyone (relatives, friends, colleagues etc) who were born on 29th February.

I am sure it would be a ‘rare’ day that they celebrate once every 4 year (eventhough they must have somehow celebrate their birthday on 1st March on non-leap year).

..and personally to me, any day is a GOOD day. Any day is good day to be productive, to share your thoughts, knowledge, time, or even wealth to others.

I am just trying to say that we should not let a reform which took place in 45BC (which iniatiated the realignment of calendar) tells us when we can feel ‘happy’ for our birthday.. Or even this idea that I heard whereby a woman can propose a man on a leap year…

Do what you think and feel that can bring you closer to your goal(s) or happiness TODAY. (well, it does not hurt, though, if you want to have today as much more special.)

Happy birthday Leaplings!

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