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Seize The Day! (The Future Belongs To The Brave and Creative Ones)

It might sound like a canned wisdom..

Carpe Diem.

Get moving.

You want something, go get it.

But it is actually that ‘simple’.

If you don’t do something about your dream.. then simply kiss your dream goodbye.

Have you a got a plan to achieve what you want to achieve?

Is it somewhat ‘hard’ in the face of ‘ambiguity’?

Will you wait until the dust settles and things (hopefully) get clearer and ‘comprehensible’?

Hmm.. Then we’ll be up to a long waiting game if that is the very case that we face…

Now, the above is the ‘brave’ bit.

How about the ‘creative’ bit?

Connect the dots. Look for pattern. You can’t go wrong in reading a pattern. It’s all a matter of perspective.


I wish you all the very best in chasing your dreams!!!


How To Get Featured on Freshly Pressed?

Hey, I’d love that idea — to be featured on wordpress freshly pressed.

How to do it?

I’m going to disciplinely follow the tips from WordPress

Let’s see how long it will take for me to get there 🙂

Wish me luck!

What To Do When You Feel So Jaded?

Intense activities from AM to almost another AM almost always led me to this…

Need to take a breather.

List down priorities to catch up in the morning.

Catch some sleep to rest the ‘wired’ brain — for now.

Looking forward to wake up and be in the ‘zone’ again.

Enjoy your wee hour!

Why I Like The Sports (Yes, It’s About 5K and 10K Run)

The thing about running long distance (i.e. 5K and 10K) which makes it so fun and enjoyable is that it is quite ‘cerebral’ and it is such an ‘egalitarian’ sports.

Hey, this is not going to be too philosophical a topic… But let me break it down:


Running 5K and 10K requires thorough planning; and as we all know great planning must begin with great strategy: knowing your game-plan to achieve your goals. That is CEREBRAL!!! You have to know where you are right now (by assessing and diagnosing yourself in terms of health, strength, speed of running etc).. Just like in any good projects, you need to know your baseline first (if you have yet to have baseline then you need to build one). In short, you need to know your ‘performance capability’ so that you know which area to be improved. How to improve it? There are all sorts of ways to do it.. Enough time of rest, nutritious diet, the regular exercise in accordance to the mileage buildup so on and so forth… This is where it gets so cerebral! You analyze the area of improvement and you need to perform experiment to test the effectiveness of your recommended course of actions. And hey, this is only at planning stage, we will also face all sorts of ‘learnings’ during the actual execution. How exciting can that be 🙂


The sports is such an equalizer! Why? It does not matter so much whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, rich or not rich (I don’t think I can use the opposite of rich as poor in this context); you all can RUN. In my humble opinion, as a rookie runner, you just need to build your stamina at your own respective pace.

P.S. I know that if you really think about it..; all types sports can be very cerebral in their own ways and my line of arguments above are quite relevant for any of them. The beauty of it is that since it’s an individual sports, you are against yourself. If you can lead yourself to commit with such discipline to follow the mileage buildup for the ‘run’ then to drive others to do the same will not be as tough..

Hey I Know That.. (What is Original Thinking?)

How many times or how often have you come across a situation when you say,”Hey, I know that..” or “I’ve thought of that..”

So, does it matter whether your thoughts or ideas are truly original?

Let’s take a step back? Has there ever been a truly original idea?

A different way of looking at the same things may even be considered as original.

The way I blurted out  my thought in this blog without substantiating it with empirical data or even anecdotal examples… Would it be considered original?

The more I ponder about it, the more I think that what matters is the ACTUAL impact that you bring about.. by making it HAPPEN.

So, next time that you hear someone explains a seemingly new idea to you, you should be able to tell her / him: “Hey, I have tried that and it works like this…”

Enjoy your long weekend folks (to my fellow Indonesians)

Are You Living Your Dream(s)?

I dare say that I am.

At least ONE of my dreams.

A steady job whereby I have plenty of room for creative thinking.

A loving family.

Nimble mind.

Healthy body.

[the order above does not reflect the level of importance, mind you]

I am living my (modest) dream.

I am nowhere near being a complacent person though.

Life is definitely very short. We simply do not want to be a footnote in the history of mankind. Let alone a mere statistics…

What should we do so that we matter?

Constantly ask yourself why you are here.

Every single person plays a role in this small ‘universe’.

May peace be upon us all… [fight the battle if you must]

Sleep tight [for now….and dream the dreams that you want to live].

Thank You Dear Readers (Awesome Feature by WordPress)

Fantastic features by wordpress which tracks the country of origin of your readers.

Thank you again folks!!!

On Leading …

“You have to be able to lead yourself to lead others” a thought to myself..

Can you convince yourself to take that cold shower at 4AM in the morning to prepare for that important presentation in the morning?

Can you beat the inertia to lace up those running shoes while everybody is still asleep?

Do you actually ensure every single point in your To Do list gets done today?

Do you beat yourself even harder than you beat others (metaphorically speaking) when your plan doesn’t go as your plan?

Lead yourself.. Lead from within.

How Do You Envision Your Year End?

By nature an introvert is a dreamer.. At least that’s what I think personally..

We’re natural day-dreamers who love to dream BIG. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why it comes as second nature to us to be planners. Corporate planner, financial analyst (who build financial model), software programmers, you name it..

Personally, I am using all sorts of models and approaches to have this little ‘exercise’ in envisioning the future.

But somehow the one approach that is closer to my heart is by simply imagining what sort of impact that I will impart to all those people who are close to my heart.

Happier family? Smarter kid(s)? ..from personal perspective

Stronger and more efficient team? Mutual respects? World-class project performance? …from professional perspective

Imagine the pictures inside your head.

Smiles. Laughters. Tears of joy?

Let’s go and make it happen.


In case, anyone is wondering, I ran my first 5K run this weekend. and clocked in 31 minutes. Not bad.. Will run my next 2nd 5K run next month.

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Have my free online ‘Model Thinking’ and ‘Game Theory’ with Stanford University.

Run my first 5K.

Be with my beloved family.




God Bless us!!!