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Still very much a relevant thought…

Clarity of Thought

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”Babe Ruth

Call it laser focus, unwavering determination, or even ‘stubbornness’ if you will. The sail is set, the wind is blowing, God willing, we are on a ‘Journey’. Does the captain change the course or the destination when the wind blows from different direction? Given the destination is still the same; the logical action to take is to adjust the sail or to roll that sail and row with the oars or fire up the engine (if any).

Why we need to persevere

Clearly what separates the winner from the rest is the resilience/tenacity/that-quality to-stand-on-your-solid footing.

How to persevere

Again, it’s all about your passion.. You might be running on fume and not fuel anymore and you still persist when you do what you’re passionate about.

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