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What is Your Standard?

I only read International Herald Tribune and The Economist for both my daily and weekly news respectively. Why? Both of these printed media have a high standard of journalism. (Well, you can argue about this..)

At the very least, I take a 30 minutes run every other day in the morning.

I only drink the best ground coffee.

I only have high-resolution picture inserted in my presentation.

I scrutinize every single detail of calculations in any spreadsheet.

We all have our own standards and / or rituals to maintain that ‘standard’.

I am inspired by Tony Robbins (in his youtube video) on having a standard in order to follow through / persist your goals (

The point is that when you have a high standard then you will chase that standard.. No matter what..

Yes, I acknowledge that we should not chase perfection and we need to be biased towards actions.

We just need to strike the right balance between getting a high standard and being practical.

This week just began.. Keep pushing your standard!

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