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How To Set Your Standard?

Clarity of thought. That is the purpose of this blog..

Well, this is more of reminder to myself so that I do not go off-tangent in my writing. Hence, the title of this blog is “whyhowwhat”. So, in any of the writing I need to clearly address why a topic is important, how to apply the thought / concepts / tips in real life and of courses what details or resources required in applying those ideas.

This brings me to our topic for today: “How to Set Your Standard”. This is actually a continuation from yesterday topic: “What is Your Standard?”.

There’s an ongoing debate on nature vs nurture in developing talents. I believe both are somewhat equally important; if anything I would lean towards ‘nurture’ because I strongly believe that we are the master of our own destiny.

The Power of Habit

Having said that, setting your standard is very important. The idea is to build your life around your ‘high’ standard. But how?

I can safely say that we are a product of our habit (if not a victim of our habit) or our own behaviour. So to get to the root cause, we need to make the ‘change’. But how?

Well for a start, you can learn your own habit. Analyze it. Tweak that habit — which in turn it can generate the result that you intend to have.

I am not sure whether I already wrote in this blog before; but I always think that whatever new ideas that you have, you can google it and find that someone else is actually already doing it.

Now, this idea of ‘habit’ is actually out there in In this book, the author presents a very simple (yet effective) way of tweaking your habit by: 1) finding ‘cue’ of your habit 2) analyzing your ‘routine’ and 3) finding out the ‘reward’ that you are looking from the routine. This short blog won’t do justice for this refreshing book though..

There is also this great book:’Talent is Overrated’ ( which also argues that ‘deliberate practice’ — not the talent you were born with — is the  critical factor to be a successful person; be it athletes, businessman, musician etc.

In the final analysis

Build that habit/standard/ritual/etc to chase your goals.

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