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I Have Seen It All Before ..

“I have seen it before.. and it works this way…”

Well, how many times have you heard this type of comment when you are attempting to improve / change something (read:status quo)?

All the time? Most of the time? Seldom?

I guess it very much depends on the common attitude towards change.

Now, how to deal with that? I mean, how to deal with the resentment towards change?

Somehow, “Switch” (the book by Heath Brothers just crosses my mind..

In it, the authors argue that you need to appeal to the logic (the elephant rider)  and the emotion (the elephant); you also need to provide the supporting infrastructure (by clearing the path for the elephant to get through) to change things when change is hard.

So, we just need to identify the steps how to appeal and address those three critical factors. .. and DO it.

Go Wednesday!

P.S. Take your time to read McKinsey Quarterly article below especially on the point of “Challenging Assumption”. Somehow it relates to my point of challenging the status quo. Have a great Thursday!

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