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How Do You Envision Your Year End?

By nature an introvert is a dreamer.. At least that’s what I think personally..

We’re natural day-dreamers who love to dream BIG. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why it comes as second nature to us to be planners. Corporate planner, financial analyst (who build financial model), software programmers, you name it..

Personally, I am using all sorts of models and approaches to have this little ‘exercise’ in envisioning the future.

But somehow the one approach that is closer to my heart is by simply imagining what sort of impact that I will impart to all those people who are close to my heart.

Happier family? Smarter kid(s)? ..from personal perspective

Stronger and more efficient team? Mutual respects? World-class project performance? …from professional perspective

Imagine the pictures inside your head.

Smiles. Laughters. Tears of joy?

Let’s go and make it happen.


In case, anyone is wondering, I ran my first 5K run this weekend. and clocked in 31 minutes. Not bad.. Will run my next 2nd 5K run next month.

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