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Hey I Know That.. (What is Original Thinking?)

How many times or how often have you come across a situation when you say,”Hey, I know that..” or “I’ve thought of that..”

So, does it matter whether your thoughts or ideas are truly original?

Let’s take a step back? Has there ever been a truly original idea?

A different way of looking at the same things may even be considered as original.

The way I blurted out  my thought in this blog without substantiating it with empirical data or even anecdotal examples… Would it be considered original?

The more I ponder about it, the more I think that what matters is the ACTUAL impact that you bring about.. by making it HAPPEN.

So, next time that you hear someone explains a seemingly new idea to you, you should be able to tell her / him: “Hey, I have tried that and it works like this…”

Enjoy your long weekend folks (to my fellow Indonesians)

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  1. and will work wonders in the consulting line of work 😛

    March 27, 2012

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