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Seize The Day! (The Future Belongs To The Brave and Creative Ones)

It might sound like a canned wisdom..

Carpe Diem.

Get moving.

You want something, go get it.

But it is actually that ‘simple’.

If you don’t do something about your dream.. then simply kiss your dream goodbye.

Have you a got a plan to achieve what you want to achieve?

Is it somewhat ‘hard’ in the face of ‘ambiguity’?

Will you wait until the dust settles and things (hopefully) get clearer and ‘comprehensible’?

Hmm.. Then we’ll be up to a long waiting game if that is the very case that we face…

Now, the above is the ‘brave’ bit.

How about the ‘creative’ bit?

Connect the dots. Look for pattern. You can’t go wrong in reading a pattern. It’s all a matter of perspective.


I wish you all the very best in chasing your dreams!!!

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