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April (A Running Month)

It was a beautiful Sunday when we started this month with a 5K run sponsored by Maserati at Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia. It was definitely not an April Fool event 🙂

The last Sunday of this month (29 April) was also marked by a 5K run in Ragunan Zoo, here in Jakarta.

And that was a beautiful day as well.. Nothing completes the run better than seeing my wife and 2 year old kid after finishing the race.

Aslan (my 2 year old kid) even (accidentally) joined the kid’s dash.. He got the first medal in his life after finishing the run. That made me think.. Maybe, Indonesia, someday can beat the Kenyan in 10K or even marathon.

We’ll see in 15 years time 🙂

Life is definitely a RACE.. You just need to know and plan on which races that you want to participate. Results? Well, they say that victory just loves good preparation.

Let’s welcome May, folks!


The 10,000 Hours Rule

I can safely assume that we all have read about this concept which was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his Outlier book.

In short, you need roughly practice of around 20 hours per week for 10 years to reach world-class mastery.

So, in this golden hour, when you plan your day, picture yourself 10 years from now… How do you see yourself?

Now, plan a deliberate practice of 20 hours per week to make than vision happen.

Have a great day, folks!

Decision decision desicion

Is time on your side?
Hmmm.. I thought so…
Better do, what you have to do..

Turning Points (Precious Moments)

There are moments in your life that lasts at least a life time..

Which part of your life might that be?

The first day when your parents brought you to school..

The day when you graduated?

The day when you got your first job?

The first moment you saw your baby opened his eyes?

The moment when you closed your first account?

‘Bottle up’ the precious moments. Take a good dose of it whenever you need it. No doctor’s prescriptions required.

Happy weekend, folks!

P.S. I’m going  to leave you with my son’s picture 🙂 One of my greatest inspirations to write better and better..

Keep Up The Momentum

The ‘Hydra’ for today has been slashed with my light saber..

Energy level has dwindled somewhat..

Am also fighting the flu..

Hey, I still have my ‘mileage buildup’ to catch up.. I need to run for 45 mins tonight.

Going to catch  some of the motivational videos to amp up myself before the training.


How Was Your Monday?

My Monday? Nothing short of EPIC! Wish I could have a light saber to sort things out.. LOL

On a more serious note.. Suffice it to say, I don’t mind losing the battle to win the war.

Hey, Tuesday! Come what may.. I’ll bring the light saber tomorrow 🙂

Consistent = Predictable = Dependable (= Boring?)

I am an avid movie-goer.. Well, on second thought, I used to be an avid movie-goer especially when I was still in University up until entering the working-force  (around more than 10 years ago.. These days, I buy DVD and watch it with my wife after our kid goes to bed).

Now, as a movie-watcher, you somewhat turn into a good movie critics .. One thing that you cannot stand is a predictable plot.  Hence, my all-time favorite movie is ‘The Usual Suspect’ ( who would’ve thought that ‘kaiser sousse’ was actually a ‘make-believe-character’ made up by the handicapped character (played by Kevin Spacey) during the interrogation session by the police!

Having said that we (at least, most of people that I know) constantly seek ‘variety’ in new ‘shiny’ things..

Now, when I try to apply that principle in life; be it personal or professional life, I constantly teeter between creating a structured approach or creative / innovative / groundbreaking style.

For example, in writing this blog, I initially thought that it would be efficient if I only have one framework: open the conversation/discussion with a catchy and relevant wise quotes, try to elaborate why the quote is important and how it relates to the ideas that I’m trying to convey and finally present my thought on how to apply the thoughts/ideas/principle in your personal or professional life.

You know what, after a few days of writing in that order I got bored and (I think) so did my readers.

So, I will be consistent in delivering my thoughts on a daily basis (during weekdays) however  I will strive not to be ‘dependably- boring’.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

Take a deep breath..

Take a look at the big picture. Be detached.

The above title and sentences are actually reminders to me to behave in such a way; so that I can perform my task with the utmost professionalism.

..and I should also get a ‘positive distraction’ from the work at least for a brief moments.

Maybe I just listen to Dave Matthews for a while for that ‘distraction’.

Habit Keeps You Going

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn.

Monday and Tuesday passed me by just like that.. I mean, I didn’t spend time writing this daily blog in the past two days. I am not trying to justify myself with my ‘busy-ness’. There should be no excuses. If it’s my priority to build my writing capability on a daily basis then writing this blog should be at the top of my daily to do list to be completed.

One more confession.. I haven’t been climbing the stairs (the usual twice a week 25-floors-climb) in the past two weeks. In my defense, I have been training for my 10K run instead.. Still, this should not be near to a good justification.

Just now, I have completed my stairs-climbing.. and I am writing this blog again. Boy, the two activities are way harder compared to the time when I was having the ‘momentum’.

So, as I quote from the mentor of Tony Robbins above, we just need to keep going by making the priorities as our habit. I did have a strong motivation in the beginning of the year.. Let there be no doubt about it. However, as the year unfolds, we tend to be swamped again by our ‘busy-ness’. This is exactly the time when you need to hold to the good habit.

How To Be a Good Listener? (Tell the Difference Between Noise and The Voice To Be Listened To)

We often hear that we need to be a good listener.

The wisdom goes that the reason that you have two ears and one mouth is that you need to listen more than you talk. Simple enough. right?

The fact of the matter is the reality is not that simplistic.

Every single day, from the moment we wake up there are all sorts of sounds, noise, voices etc that you hear…

The space or time between receiving the ‘input’ in the form of those ‘sounds’  and trying to make sense of it is mostly very limited; hence we tend to react naturally (or at least we think we react naturally).

Do we ‘process’ the ‘information’ first before we actually ‘plunge’ into action(s)?

It’s for you/us to reflect..

Now, let’s take it to a lot more specific context..

Workplace. A place that we love to hate or hate to love or love to love.. Pick your own preference 🙂

There all sorts of customers there — at the office..

In general, we have both external and internal customers. There are authors who argue that ‘customer is King’ (the external customers); at the same time there are also proponents of the idea that ‘we need to put our employee first’ (the internal customers)..

I believe that this is the role of a great leader — someone who can bring clarity amidst the ‘ambiguity’. She/he needs to listen well (and be able to discern the unspoken words too).

Perhaps, I am thinking so much about ‘ambiguity’ and ‘clarity’ due to our Asian Culture which is less ‘direct’ in comparison to a much more ‘direct’ western style of doing business.

So, perhaps the wisdom can go counter-intuitively here.. You should not listen to be a good listener for the sound that you hear is ‘merely noise’. Time will tell (whether your presumption is right.. or not)