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Too Tired (?)

There are those days when you feel too tired or too busy or basically either so ‘lethargic’ or not in the ‘mood’.

If only there’s a ‘magical’ well or ‘fountain’ that we can always revisit to get the ‘magical’ water which does its wonder in re-energizing our tired or lethargic body (or soul).

Imagine drinking that ‘magical’ liquid.

Imagine the fluid replenishes all the ‘parched’ organs..

Not only that it hydrates our physical being, it also ‘fires up’ our spirit.

How does that feel?

I am no Tony Robbins or anywhere close to being an NLP certified trainer.

However, I do believe in ‘mind over matter’.

Now imagine your ‘energy water’ of choice.

‘Drink’ it up.

No.. Gush it down your throat. That’s more like it 🙂

And we’re ready for more challenges. Bring it on! Or in the word of my favorite tennis player “Vamos!”

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