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How To Be a Good Listener? (Tell the Difference Between Noise and The Voice To Be Listened To)

We often hear that we need to be a good listener.

The wisdom goes that the reason that you have two ears and one mouth is that you need to listen more than you talk. Simple enough. right?

The fact of the matter is the reality is not that simplistic.

Every single day, from the moment we wake up there are all sorts of sounds, noise, voices etc that you hear…

The space or time between receiving the ‘input’ in the form of those ‘sounds’  and trying to make sense of it is mostly very limited; hence we tend to react naturally (or at least we think we react naturally).

Do we ‘process’ the ‘information’ first before we actually ‘plunge’ into action(s)?

It’s for you/us to reflect..

Now, let’s take it to a lot more specific context..

Workplace. A place that we love to hate or hate to love or love to love.. Pick your own preference 🙂

There all sorts of customers there — at the office..

In general, we have both external and internal customers. There are authors who argue that ‘customer is King’ (the external customers); at the same time there are also proponents of the idea that ‘we need to put our employee first’ (the internal customers)..

I believe that this is the role of a great leader — someone who can bring clarity amidst the ‘ambiguity’. She/he needs to listen well (and be able to discern the unspoken words too).

Perhaps, I am thinking so much about ‘ambiguity’ and ‘clarity’ due to our Asian Culture which is less ‘direct’ in comparison to a much more ‘direct’ western style of doing business.

So, perhaps the wisdom can go counter-intuitively here.. You should not listen to be a good listener for the sound that you hear is ‘merely noise’. Time will tell (whether your presumption is right.. or not)

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