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Habit Keeps You Going

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn.

Monday and Tuesday passed me by just like that.. I mean, I didn’t spend time writing this daily blog in the past two days. I am not trying to justify myself with my ‘busy-ness’. There should be no excuses. If it’s my priority to build my writing capability on a daily basis then writing this blog should be at the top of my daily to do list to be completed.

One more confession.. I haven’t been climbing the stairs (the usual twice a week 25-floors-climb) in the past two weeks. In my defense, I have been training for my 10K run instead.. Still, this should not be near to a good justification.

Just now, I have completed my stairs-climbing.. and I am writing this blog again. Boy, the two activities are way harder compared to the time when I was having the ‘momentum’.

So, as I quote from the mentor of Tony Robbins above, we just need to keep going by making the priorities as our habit. I did have a strong motivation in the beginning of the year.. Let there be no doubt about it. However, as the year unfolds, we tend to be swamped again by our ‘busy-ness’. This is exactly the time when you need to hold to the good habit.

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