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Goals (Better To Be 5 Months Late Than 5 Years..)

I like to read.. Well, let me rephrase that, I am CRAZY about reading..

I always thought that writing would come naturally if you love to write. All those stimulating words, sentences, stories, concepts etc would become an integral part of me..

Just like a great chef, I thought that I would be able to use all those ‘ingredients’ instantaneously inside my head amassed from all those stacks of books and pdf files for a great ‘gourmet’ writing.

So that anyone who would care to ‘taste’ my fine ‘meal’ would be ‘heartily fulfilled’.

That was the plan back then.

Now, it has been around 5 years since I talked  myself into building my capability to write both technical writing such as white paper etc. as well as to write more of free-wheeling ideas such as this blog.

This brings me to the point of how important it is to have a clear goal (or even better clear goals) in your life. .. And make sure you have your goals in writing; so that you can always revisit those goals and review them.

I know that we are already almost halfway in the fifth month of this year; however it’s never too late to have your specific goals now (surely better than realizing that you are already in your fifth year of having unrealized dream).


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