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Tell Your Story (How To Pitch Winning Idea)

Story-telling has proven itself time and again as a powerful tool to deliver profound message which ‘stuck’ in the audience’s mind. The vivid imagery that we can relate to somehow resonates to the synapses more readily then simple and dry facts.

Proof? I can still easily recall a story about ‘Six Sigma’ vs ‘Kaizen’ since it was told to me in such a colorful story. Well, to cut the long story short, the story was about a Japanese manufacturing company who supplied a US company with some vehicle ‘parts’. The US company stressed on the quality to Japanese company that their standard is 6 Sigma (meaning: they can tolerate only 8 defects per million (parts)). Now, on a twisted (and a bit of a tongue in cheek drama), the Japanese supplier did just that. They supplied the US company 1 million ‘perfect’ parts. And.. oh by the way (this is the punch line). They also specifically manufactured the 8 part of defects as per the US company’s order.

By training, I am a very much of a ‘cerebral’ person with total inclination to fact-based and of course scientific approach. No data? Anecdotal evident? Let’s not bother waste my time.

Well, that was me. Then. Around 5 years ago.


Nuanced approach is key.

So far, at least in my own professional experience, the ability to tie up all the facts and scientific approach into one compelling story which does not only satisfies the logic but also appeals to the heart is key in winning the ‘battle’ in bigger ‘war’ in corporate world (See how I try to toggle between the ‘fuzzy’ aspect of management to the much more ‘dry’ and information-based  approach in my story here.. Although I do admit that I have an inclination towards the ‘fuzzy’ aspect here. I am a bit ‘indulgent’ (to borrow Mr Cowell’s term)  when it comes to writing this blog.

With that, let’s dig deeper within (inside our heart and the audience’s heart when it comes to presenting or pitching your ideas) without forgetting to check all the necessary boxes in finding out the necessary facts from the ‘outside’.

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