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Will the Universe Conspire With You?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question..

As a stubborn ‘Capricorn’ as well as extroverted introvert, I will usually beat up myself for any shortcomings.

In a sense that, any risks or potential setback(s) should have been foreseen, carefully mitigated; there’s no ‘Black Swan’ for that matter.

But as you get older, you get wiser and realize the limited ‘control point’ that you do have in all aspects of personal and professional life. [‘Control point’ is the area which is under your own control — the ‘controllable’ if  you borrow the term from project management.]

Having said that, we should get back to the main question that this post sets to address. Will the ‘stars’ align to your plan?

Maybe not 🙂

Will your ‘positive energy’ and ‘enthusiasm’ catch ‘fire’ and become a virus spread to others?

Perhaps, yes.

Plan. Do. Act. Check. These simple steps above are very much alive.

Follow through them.

Will the universe conspire with you? Well, it will be a bonus.. 😀


The Checklist

We always talk about striving to be more productive i.e. to produce more out put with the same amount of input (or even lower input).

I have also learned that being busy does not necessarily mean that you are actually being productive.

One simple question that you need to always ask yourself: does this activity get me closer to my goal(s)?

Today, I just started one new habit and hopefully I can follow through it consistently until the rest this year (..and even beyond).

A checklist which should be ‘The Checklist’ that I need to do on a daily basis.

This checklist contains all activities which are related to my area of professional responsibilities as well as personal development/interest/responsibilities that I MUST DO ON A DAILY BASIS.

I have really put all my thoughts to this list and it might grow if needed.

The rationale was that we all tend to “play it by the ear” when it gets to daily activities. ‘Firefighting’ can be so urgent and so ‘engrossing’ that we overlook the ‘daily steps’ that we need to ‘walk’ to reach that 1000 miles destination. By the time you know it, it’s already ‘End of Business Day’ and we have not actually done anything to get ‘closer’ to our goal(s).

Having written this, I just ticked one of the items in my checklist for today. It FEELS GREAT!

What Fuels Your ‘Fire’? (On Bali Relay Triathlon)


My fuel?

The cute little family.

Thank you Retti and Aslan..

My fuel

..and my inspiration.

Do You Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into?

Most of the time, we think that we know what we’re doing; be it in our personal or professional life.

As a young person, you would tend to say that we’ll make it up with hard work and enthusiasm for whatever we lack of.

Time is changing and therefore even prior experience can also be irrelevant.. [And so I thought.]

As you get older, you’ll get more and more accustomed to uncertainty and ambiguity..

Next time, anybody asks me that same question when I am doing something for the first time, I will definitively admit: “I don’t know”.

Let’s re-write risk management.. Let’s re-write history for that matter. Future belongs to the brave!

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Do You Overprepare?

Or do you just wing it?

I know that I am on the verge of over-preparation for my ‘fun’ 10K run this weekend. Or at least that’s how I think.

How do I know that? For sure, I exceeded the mileage required as per the training plan or mileage plan for a 10K run. In the past 2 months, I have been running with mileage of 30km per week.

Come to think of it.. This over-preparation might  be counter-productive as I started to think that the 10K run will be another regular running session. Well, the thing is, I have a quite modest goal: to finish the run within 1 hour.

Will definitely post the result when I get back from Bali.

Perhaps, the more fundamental question that we need to ask ourselves is that whether over-preparation is better than simply winging it.

Well, in that case, I can still safely say that ‘over-preparation’ is the way to go.

If they say: “victory loves preparation”. Then they should also say: “victory is infatuated with over-preparation”.

Don’t Wait for Your Passion

I have been watching and listening to at least five commencement speech videos in the past couple of days. I am not being melodramatic and trying to relive the past.

There’s just something ‘magical’ about starting something new. The uncertainty, the expectation, the hope, the fear…

Different ‘celebrities’ in the commencement speech give different wise words (or cliches as some of them actually admitted it).

One message that actually stuck in my head after watching all those videos is: “don’t wait for your passion”.

Inspiration is not going to strike you in broad daylight. Waiting for the right opportunity which might be relevant to your passion is not the right way to spend your time either.

So, get back to work. Chase your goals. Sweat it.


When The Time Stops

You just know it when the time comes. The air feels a bit lighter than usual. Your heartbeat is in its ‘rest zone’ and your brain wave is at borderline between alpha and theta…

It’s your time to make that life-defining choice.


Is it the right thing to do?

Do yourself a favor and ask this very simple question (i.e. “Is this the right to do?”) to yourself for every single decision that you take (even more a strategic or decision with wider implication).

Listen to the little voice inside.

..and follow through.


On Running & Writing (A Virtuous Cycle)

When was the last time that you had a conversation with yourself?

A self-reflection (a word that stuck in my head from my correspondence with an acquaintance from my previous job).

This morning when I had my ‘dose’ of 7km run was the last time when I had that conversation / self-reflection.

Through self-reflection, it became clearer to me as to what goals that I strive to achieve – and most importantly the effective way to achieve it.

So there you go..

I have my own personal virtuous cycle:

Running (to reflect and think) >> Writing (to pour down all those thoughts ‘catalyzed’ through running)

How about reading? Socializing? Other activities?

Those are equally important activities; I’d just like to focus the scope of this particular writing to running and writing.

Well, to bring context, all other activities are synthesized into ‘thoughts’ percolated inside the head during the running session.

So lace up your shoes and prepare a water-proof keyboard to withstand the torrential rain pour from your perspiration (from the run) and also the pouring thoughts..

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Copernican Principle

Here’s my take on the above principle:

In doubt or in your most stressful condition at work, take a deep breath and think calmly.

Take a time off.

A holiday if necessary..

The world does not revolve around you.

Get back to work when you are refreshed and re-charged.

Enjoy your evening folks!