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Call A Friend..

I am not talking about one of the options that the contestants of “Who Wants To Be Millionaire” have when faced with tough questions (although the idea is a bit similar).

This is post is about ratcheting your brainpower and judgement — how to compliment your limited resources (i.e. experience or brain capacity) with your trusted network.

Like it or not, we have to agree to and accept to the fact that “hard facts” are hard to get by in this part of the world.

How do we make sound judgement then when we are facing the ‘unknown’ then?

Yep. You guess it right. Ask your trusted network for their experience. As much nuanced it might sound.. Well it’s still much better than plunging in and sailing to uncharted territory.

So, if you’re drawing up business plan here in Indonesia.. How can you tell whether you’re being realistic or overly optimistic? Simple. Get a sounding board. Call a friend.

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