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On Running & Writing (A Virtuous Cycle)

When was the last time that you had a conversation with yourself?

A self-reflection (a word that stuck in my head from my correspondence with an acquaintance from my previous job).

This morning when I had my ‘dose’ of 7km run was the last time when I had that conversation / self-reflection.

Through self-reflection, it became clearer to me as to what goals that I strive to achieve – and most importantly the effective way to achieve it.

So there you go..

I have my own personal virtuous cycle:

Running (to reflect and think) >> Writing (to pour down all those thoughts ‘catalyzed’ through running)

How about reading? Socializing? Other activities?

Those are equally important activities; I’d just like to focus the scope of this particular writing to running and writing.

Well, to bring context, all other activities are synthesized into ‘thoughts’ percolated inside the head during the running session.

So lace up your shoes and prepare a water-proof keyboard to withstand the torrential rain pour from your perspiration (from the run) and also the pouring thoughts..

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