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Do You Overprepare?

Or do you just wing it?

I know that I am on the verge of over-preparation for my ‘fun’ 10K run this weekend. Or at least that’s how I think.

How do I know that? For sure, I exceeded the mileage required as per the training plan or mileage plan for a 10K run. In the past 2 months, I have been running with mileage of 30km per week.

Come to think of it.. This over-preparation might  be counter-productive as I started to think that the 10K run will be another regular running session. Well, the thing is, I have a quite modest goal: to finish the run within 1 hour.

Will definitely post the result when I get back from Bali.

Perhaps, the more fundamental question that we need to ask ourselves is that whether over-preparation is better than simply winging it.

Well, in that case, I can still safely say that ‘over-preparation’ is the way to go.

If they say: “victory loves preparation”. Then they should also say: “victory is infatuated with over-preparation”.

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