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Will the Universe Conspire With You?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question..

As a stubborn ‘Capricorn’ as well as extroverted introvert, I will usually beat up myself for any shortcomings.

In a sense that, any risks or potential setback(s) should have been foreseen, carefully mitigated; there’s no ‘Black Swan’ for that matter.

But as you get older, you get wiser and realize the limited ‘control point’ that you do have in all aspects of personal and professional life. [‘Control point’ is the area which is under your own control — the ‘controllable’ if  you borrow the term from project management.]

Having said that, we should get back to the main question that this post sets to address. Will the ‘stars’ align to your plan?

Maybe not 🙂

Will your ‘positive energy’ and ‘enthusiasm’ catch ‘fire’ and become a virus spread to others?

Perhaps, yes.

Plan. Do. Act. Check. These simple steps above are very much alive.

Follow through them.

Will the universe conspire with you? Well, it will be a bonus.. 😀

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  1. I can relate to some of this… 🙂

    June 29, 2012

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