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Can We Look At Life Less Seriously?

By training and by character, some people (like myself) are ‘cursed’ to take every single thing very seriously.

Taking a much longer view (both in terms of historical perspective as well as serious attempt to foresee the future), we’d be lucky if we could make a ‘dent’ in the universe (borrowing a phrase from the genius – Steve Jobs).

Yes, we could make a change and lead the change even if we do not have the title (as Mr Sharma puts it).

However, life is much more ‘nuanced’ than any words can capture (this why we need to be a good at reading between the lines.. and then lead the way).


(Sooner or later or) Someday we look back at whatever we do today and laugh about it.

Visualize that ‘someday’.

Take your time to laugh at yourself (at the close of business day, today)

Get recharged.

Tomorrow is a new day!

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