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The Curve Ball (A Rehash)

Scenario planning.

This exercise would map all possible events (even Black Swan phenomenon if needs be) so that we can be prepared (i.e. all risk mitigation measures are in place etc…).

Moreover, we also prepare initiatives which support Key Success Factors in each scenario.

When we talk about initiatives, of course we must prepare all the necessary resources (i.e. people, capital, technology and so forth) to reach the aim of the initiatives within the agreed timeline (surely we also need to be mindful on ‘deliverable’ for each milestone of the initiatives).

Putting our project manager’s hat on, all the activities that I am talking about are all ‘matter of fact’ things that we execute (hopefully) seamlessly on daily basis — in a detached manner (devoid of emotional attachment).

Now, let’s exercise this idea into a much more personal (with much more emotional baggage).

We try to plan to deal with the ‘unusual event’ which involves us personally.. Well, we can try..

When the ‘curve ball’ (unusual event) finally hits us, somehow ‘muscle memory’ declares ‘amnesia’.

Perhaps the ‘muscle memory’ is not ‘muscular’ enough?

Just my two cents on a Friday 🙂

Happy weekend, folks!

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