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Make Your Splash

Somehow, as far as I can remember, I was one precocious kid.

Curious little kid who was always tirelessly asking my parents (and also other adults) for explanations of things that I observed.

While I was a tireless wide-eyed wonderer, I did not know that parents and adult were going through tougher obstacles and challenges in life.

I can still vividly remember the ultimate answer from my dad when he just could not answer my questions anymore:”You’ll eventually understand when you are a grown up”.

Now, I know.. I have found out for myself all those unanswered questions back then.

The funny thing in life is that when you gain something, you tend to lose something else.

As I gain better understanding of life, I think I might have slipped off something and lost it along the way.

To approach life in a such fun way and “make your splash”.


Don’t worry whether your ‘environment’  agree or disagree with you.

They’ll find out that you mean well and make your idea into reality.

They’ll get ‘wet’ a little by playing along with you.

If they do have a good time and play along then they only benefit from you

..and they will be back for some more good time or good idea for that matter.

Thanks son for the inspiration.

Make more splash !


What Day Is It?

Sounds like a not-so-intelligent question?

The question actually begs a much more profound thought then simply answering the obvious: Friday.


How would you remember today?

Is it a day when you turn your life around?

Is it the day when you find the solution to the ‘burning’ platform of your organization?

Is it the day when you hit the ‘wall’ in exerting your energy in running for a marathon?

Is it the day when you find THE ONE?

Or is it the day when your kid can utter his/her word to call you?

Well, perhaps, life has not been that kind to you lately. Take it easy. Remember that today is the day when you learn a very great lesson in life.

Have a great weekend, folks!