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When You Really Want Something (The Universe Will Remind You To Chase It)

I want to write a book. A how-to-book, an e-book.. A book.

Compilation of thoughts and experience that will help others to chase their dreams (or a how-not-to guideline so that the readers can avoid some possible pitfalls).

A few months back, I met a long time friend/ex colleague when I was waiting for my morning train to work.

What do you know?

This guy, who shares the same passion for ‘amassing knowledge’ (read: reading), is also thinking about pouring his thoughts into writing.

So, we embarked in a journey to start to write an e-book — for a start.

The pace of the start was ‘break neck’ — to say the least.

We secured a website, created a twitter account and (of course) a wordpress account as channel to establish our presence to our targeted audience. The thinking goes: by the time we launch / release the e-book, our targeted audience will already be familiar with our work/writing. All those setting-up activities were completed in a single day — during our daily activities: work, family, running race preparation etc. Our day job trains us so well to be an efficient ‘tasker’.

Follow through

This is the hardest part!

We managed to ‘procastinate’ the actual work of writing by focusing first in ‘planning stage’. After all, you cannot simply jump head first to an unknown ‘water’.

This is where my expertise in project management came in handy.

An efficient project manager’s main concern is delivering the goals with the available resources.

Our main resources is simply our ‘free time’. Well, there’s not much ‘free time’ to begin with. So instead we tried to list down the required tasks and activities to write a book: research (primary and secondary), writing first draft, finalizing draft (and many other creative activities in between these main tasks).

How are we doing so far with this project?

Well.. If you look at the GANTT Chart of the project then you will get the impression that it is very much ‘on track’.

I know that we can’t be too ‘ambitious’ in driving this project with the busy schedule.

But, if we are talking about the ‘soul’ of the project then we know that it’s a ‘zombie’.  Soul-less.

The universe has a ‘funny’ way of telling you or reminding you of your dreams and ambitions.

During a casual chat with a consultant, I found out that she is going to launch her book.

Huh? Releasing a book? I’d like to do that too.. Launching the e-book.

I also found out that writing a book is not an easy undertaking. It took 2 and a half year for the consultant to (finally) launch the book.

A breath of fresh air…

Yes, the casual chat was definitely a breath of fresh air which will ‘jumpstart’ this ‘zombie’ project.

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