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On Habit

Everybody is talking about habit these days.

At work, my team and I are coordinating an initiative to formulate the ideal habit at branch level of our organization.

Personally, I have been trying to build a daily habit of writing a blog per day as well as other habits:  waking up early, writing to do list, exercise, drinking enough water, spending quality time with family etc.

As any readers might observe, my attempt to build daily writing habit had seen some of its successful streaks as well as its ‘dry spell’.

Creating good habit is not as easy as it might seem. Once you lose the momentum, the inertia is really taking over and even taking stronghold inside yourself and beating the deep-seated passion. Sounds like a hyperbolic sentence? Well, I simply cannot describe – in better way – what sort of forces that can defeat such great passion.

The more interesting question would be: what brought me to re-live the ‘writing’ habit again?

As I have written in my previous blog, ‘the universe’ has its way of reminding you to stay ‘on course’.

This morning, during our regular weekly meeting, we talked about our ‘working behavior’ and how that will shape us in 10 years time.

I thought to myself: “Hey, I started this blog in November last year — it will be one year by next month!” I might not be JK Rowling or JRR Tolkien when I turn 43 (now, you can guess my age :)) but I surely have a rich ‘story’ of my personal as well as professional ‘journey’ by then — provided that I continue this ‘writing habit’.

Here’s to writing.

Enjoy your weekend folks!


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