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Half Marathon (My Take on Standard Chartered Half Marathon Indonesia 2012)

[Caution: Backward and Forward Plot]

0 – 17KM

At 17km, I ‘screamed’ to myself: “This is torturous!”

When I reached 16km, I thought to myself “What am I doing? Don’t I have better things to do in a fine sunny Sunday morning”

At 9km, little that I knew when I ran passing a person (who literally shouted at himself : “Come on (his own name)! Let’s go.”) that I would scream and shout at myself. Although, I somehow managed to maintain my poised (externally) and only ‘shouted’ silently to myself when I reached 17km.

Oh, I also heard someone gave a pep talk to himself while running. He sounded like a school teacher telling off his student:”I have never seen a more dissapointing runner like you.”

Funny how people have their own way of keeping themselves motivated in a half marathon race.

What happened during the first 9km? I managed to maintain the speed between 5.45 to 6 min per km. The training plan and the pain of  executing the plan in discipline manner definetely paid off!

How about the start? I knew that I should have emptied my bladder. I could foresee a long queueing line to the portable toilet. I did just that. Took a ‘leak’ before I left home. It took only a 10 minute drive to get to the race venue. I’m such a lucky guy to have a supportive wife who drove me to the race venue.

So, I guessed I was on the right track already to start this half marathon. I guessed wrong. The combination of 3 sips of water and the rush of adrenaline plus the espresso that I had before I left home served me well as ‘diuretic’ trigger.

Yep. I did stand in line for the toilet before the START. Fortunately, someone let me take his turn to go to toilet first knowing that I was doing the half marathon (while he is doing 10km). Thank you kind stranger!

[sorry for this backward plot, folks]

Quick Thoughts

What kept me running? I did not run for the prize – of course.

Ever heard of the power of visualization? I visualized my wife and son waiting at the FINISH line. And with the runner’s HIGH kicking in.. The serenity is simply indescribable.

I did reach the finish line, though. It felt like reaching a new ‘height’ in running.

We can learn a lot of lessons from running that we can actually apply in life.

At first, when we start something new or something different, the motivation and passion  gives us the ‘nudge’ to start.

In the middle, when we are going through the daily grind, the habit and discipline works on us like clockwork.

To finish?

You have to finish what you start, right? Of course.

Nothing replaces actual experience. We can always plan and prepare..

To actually finish something ‘BIG’ is a journey of self discovery.

What are you made of? What keeps you going? Will you give up?

So.. To finish (to run that last 4km) requires a reminder of why you start this crazy journey to begin with..


Still interested to know how I actually finish my first half marathon?

At 18km, when I prepared to speed up and finish strong in the last 3km, I started by tightening my knee support.

Wrong move.

Somehow, it caused a stitch in my left ankle. Oops..

I slowed down by walking and running intermittently which caused me to miss my target pace and ended up running to: 7 minute to 8 minute per km.

I did run consistently at the last 1 km and carried my little kiddo to the finish line. Yes, they were waiting for me (10 meters from the finish line).

Thank you my little cute family.

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