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A Head Start

If you are a fan of Robin Sharma (like me) then you must be familiar with one of his tips to be more productive: wake up at 5AM.

Being quite competitive myself, I want to outdo Mr Sharma by waking at 4AM every morning. Well, I must admit that I missed this super early habit from time to time when I had a very late night. The main reason that I need to wake up that early is that I need to catch up on my ‘running’ mileage — to prepare myself for the race, a half marathon race.

Next week will be the last month of 2012.

All the productivity ‘gurus’ or ‘practitioners’ are ‘bombarding’ my inbox on getting a head start for 2013. Well, more like a nice reminder, though.

The reasoning is very simple. Don’t be like the rest of the people who are starting to contemplate the New Year’s Resolution at the end of December or (even worse) in January.

Start now.

Give yourself a head start for 2013.

Set your goals and plan how to achieve them.

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