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Last Day of January


How is your New Year’s Resolution so far? Are we part of the 88% (those who fail to follow through the New Year’s Resolution)?

A quick thought: there are still 334 days to go around the sun.

Although the days are not as ‘sunny’ as we tried to foresee when we planned it in December, we have been given enough time in January to tweak the plan to ride on this ‘rough weather’.

So.. We’ve learned to weather the weather this January. Let’s keep the New Year’s Resolution. Chase your goals.


(My random) 34 Lessons in Life (Before I turn 34)

I am not a sage, sitting at the top of mountain meditating and reflecting every single action and learning point from my successes as well as failures. I am a (slightly) ordinary guy who tries to make his living and contributing his thoughts in between his office meetings.

Before I turn 34, I’d just like to take 10 minutes to ponder and pour my thoughts as a form of my appreciation to life.

Here you go.. My list of life lessons that I have learned during my 34 years of life:

  1. Action does speak louder than words. (Sounds cliche? But it’s so true.)
  2. If you must speak, speak your mind but more importantly speak your heart .
  3. Make sure your loved ones know that they are loved with all your heart
  4. Only YOU know what you want, what you’re passionate about.. Career advice is – as you know – an advice..
  5. Create the trail, create the path.. If there’s no book on that or if there is no prior practice to that? Create it!
  6. You can race to the top very early.. But don’t be surprised that you will not find what you are looking for…
  7. We are created equal. Don’t let ‘titles’ blind you or cloud your judgement.
  8. There are inflection points or turning points in life. You can create that turning points. Life is not served to you on a silver platter.
  9. Principles are principles. It takes ‘balls’ to uphold them sometimes.
  10. Grade Point Average (GPA) is overrated. Have fun while learning.
  11. It’s OK to make mistakes.. Beating yourself up over past mistakes will not change the present let alone the future..
  12. If the future (long-term) is vague, then go for the short term… Somehow you will connect the dots later..
  13. Energy and enthusiasm trump (weak) logic hands down.
  14. Question, question, question. Never take things as they are.
  15. See the world.
  16. Read more books.
  17. Talk to more people.
  18. Find good mentors. We are all ‘Luke Skywalker’ who need our Master Obi Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda.
  19. There will be time when we are the ‘Master Kenobi’.. Be kind to your young apprentice.
  20. Life is a complex game. Moving on does not always serve as a ‘reset’ button.
  21. Greet the morning sun cheerfully everyday. Be grateful that you have one more day to love your loved ones. To contribute to other people.
  22. Nothing is thicker than blood. Family comes first.
  23. Friends are priceless treasures (They can be as valuable as ‘blood’).
  24. You get the best of both world when you marry your best friend.
  25. Looking at my better half and cute son sound asleep is ‘heaven on earth’.
  26. Challenge assumptions. Challenge authority. Change is hard. Change is difficult. ..but when you arrive at your ‘destination’ you will be glad that you did what you were afraid to do.
  27. Try something different. You might surprise yourself.
  28. You were not born as either engineer, scientist, banker, philosopher, writer, speaker.. You can be banker/philosopher/writer/speaker/runner/father/brother/husband/leader/… You can define yourself or you can choose to be undefined.
  29. For every argument there is counter argument.. Don’t be afraid to be firm and choose side.
  30. Everybody seems to love novel ‘contrarian’ idea. Don’t fall to the ‘herd instinct’.
  31. Good life = simple life.
  32. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too young for something or to do something..
  33. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old for something or to do something either..
  34. Be happy. It’s another day in paradise.

Thank you my family and friends!