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Leap of Faith




When was the last time that you took a leap of faith?

Was it a calculated risk? Did you prepare all the necessary risk mitigants?

The well trodden path might provide you with reliable road signs. The problem is that, the last time I checked, the well trodden path was in its ‘rush hour’. The road is still so jam packed that to even call it a rat race is an understatement.

So what to do now?

‘Beef up’ yourself for a rough journey. Strength and endurance — both figuratively and literally speaking — are the necessary factors. Gear yourself up — as the sufficient factor — with the necessary tool (a reliable GPS is definitely a must).

Now that you are in the physical and mental  state like an Olympic athlete, you know that you are ready.


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P.S. In case that you are still wondering about the picture.. It’s the pit from Batman movie of Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne took the leap without the safety rope to climb up.

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