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“It’s already 5PM and I still have not done anything..”

I often told this to myself at work and sometimes I still do.

There are lots of productivity apps out there and there are also lots of books on how to be productive too.

And I consider myself as a junkie when it comes to consuming all those two tools (apps and books) in helping me to be more productive.

Has it been a success for me on leaning to the productivity tools? Well.. Yes,  I might say to a varying degree.

My favorite apps now:  way of life and

Books? I somehow stopped reading the books for a while because I want to focus on reading “Antifragility” by Nassim Taleb. Well, the book can somehow help in pursuing my productive self. But the main reason that I am reading the is that I am following a reading group on that book. I am ‘testing’ whether I can increase my level of reading comprehension by joining the group read. And on top of that we also are trying to find ways to apply the take aways from the book to our real life.

And lately I have new ‘tool’ to keep focus on achieving my goal. An accountability partner. The partner and I meet once a week to follow up on our commitment in chasing my goal.

I can surely attest that the ‘partnership’ is working for me. I followed through my commitment to write a blog this week (yep, this the BLOG).


On Free Writing [Write Your 2013 Now]

I love Sunday.

My own version of paradise is to sit at home on a Sunday afternoon and watch movies with my loved ones. So relaxing…

Half of the time if not most of the time, I would have a mini-sleep or dozed off during the movie… Perhaps due to the strenuous long run prior to the movie watching.

Yesterday, it was a bit different. My better half picked ‘Sixth Sense’ as our Sunday afternoon movie. It brought fond memories since this is the one of the first movies that we watched during our ‘dating years’ back in college years.

What’s interesting.. I learned new thing from this movie: free writing. It’s the exercise of writing down your thoughts and keep writing and pouring the thoughts to dig your inner most ‘creative’ side. …Or perhaps to dig down deep in your subconscious part of the brain.

Yesterday, I did not doze off during the movie watching session. The conversation on free writing sparked an idea in my head.

Hey, I could actually use this newly-found tool to plan for my new year’s resolutions!

I simply write down my goals in this coming year and try to picture myself already (almost) finishing 2013 with all the written goals achieved.

The exercise simply energized me! The feeling that you are ‘THERE’ is quite powerful.

Having been energized, the thoughts are overflowing in my head. How I feel when I achieve the goals. I can picture the obstacle which I overcame. Working through the limit by going around the ‘barrier’ .. One thought leaps to another and spurs branches of thoughts.

The challenge will be to reconcile the seemingly disparate thoughts into coherent and structured ones so that the words can be ‘ACTIONABLE’ in time when the implementation part comes..

Try it yourself.

1. Imagine you are at the end of 2013 with all the achieved goals.

How do you feel? By feeling this surge of energy, I can assure you that you will be ‘dizzy’ with abundance of possibilities that you can write or should I say you can plan to do in order to achieve in this coming year.

2. Write and write and write. Do not worry whether your thoughts make good sense or not (at least not for now).

3. Reconcile the thoughts. You can frame the thoughts in simple chronological order (e.g. the timeline on initiatives that you need to implement) or cause and effect or even perhaps issue and solution.

To give you a glimpse of my exercise:

” It’s the time of the year again, December. Yep, the Mayans were out stone perhaps or other logistics to create their calendar  beyond 2012.. We are already in 2013 and I feel so blessed to hit my long time goal of publishing my own book. Any intellectual(s) [with strong alter ego] would have got the same ambition or dream: to be an author or influential thinker. I could have done this without the strong support from my loved ones to help me go through the grind every single day. A page a day. A dozen of pages during the weekend. Daily reminder of how I should progress.. Inch by inch.. The stacks of printed papers grow taller…”

What do you think?

Do try this free writing and share your thoughts.

The Incrementalist

I “borrow’ this term from Scott Belsky’s inspiring book: “Making Ideas Happen”.

Basically, the incrementalist is the combination of the “dreamer” and  the “doer”.

Someone who loves new ideas or concepts and at the same time he/she is also — in my own term — so restless which in turn pushes themselves to get into action in implementing or realizing the ideas / concepts.

I guess I just got stuck in my ‘dreamer’ self  when it comes to writing in the past months. No, I am not trying to justify myself or even worse seeking excuses as to why this supposedly daily blog sometime turns into a monthly one.. LOL (Believe me.. There are almost 50 drafts which are dying to be published; however my ‘dreamer’ side of me just keeps telling me that those drafts are not just ‘ready’ yet.)

My two cents?

Get un-stucked. Be the incrementalist! Dream it and do it!

Life is …

Well, life is definitely wonderful. I am counting my blessings…

Countless. Simply countless..

The sight of your loved ones.

The sound of their beautiful voice..

..and even the smell of the morning breath.

I must be so HIGH. No addictive substance required. Just a moment of reflection on this wonderful life.

Let me tell you, what life is not..

It is not about amassing ‘shiny’ stuff.. (I do admire ‘Apple’ products with beautiful design though)

It’s not about being the smartest person in the room.

It’s not about being the most powerful one.

Have a productive and full of love week, folks!



May 4th Be With You

“Do or Do not. There is no try.” Master Yoda

Reflect on the wisdom from one of my favorite character from Star Wars, Master Yoda.

May the force be with you.

Are We There Yet?

Well, it depends..

Only you can tell if you reach the destination.

My thoughts?

We should be extremely clear (an at the same very agile in responding to changes) to our own definition of goal/’destination’.

Ambiguity will always be there.. They say that there are many shades of gray.


Don’t be.

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” H.L. Hunt


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The Connector (Normally, I’m a Maven though..)

“Do you know Mr. ..?”

“Can you introduce me to Ms…?”

As I mentioned in the title, I am more of a Maven if I can borrow the term from Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Tipping Point”, someone who amasses huge amount of information and knowledge; and is also usually the source of knowledge — the go-to person for know-how or know-what.

However, today is a bit different..

People ask me for other people..

Thank you Mr Keith Ferrazzi! Netwoking is fun and rewarding!!!

A Great Beginning of The Month

The first of May is The Labor Day or also known as May Day.. You can read in the (mainstream) media about the rally which caused terrible traffic in major cities in this country.

Can we actually expect a great change related to policy or regulation on labor? I am not too sure..

So what actually happened that made today a great beginning of the month?

A very simple joy.

My 2 year old son could actually say,”I love you”.

Thank you son.

You made my (not may.. though) day.

Turning Points (Precious Moments)

There are moments in your life that lasts at least a life time..

Which part of your life might that be?

The first day when your parents brought you to school..

The day when you graduated?

The day when you got your first job?

The first moment you saw your baby opened his eyes?

The moment when you closed your first account?

‘Bottle up’ the precious moments. Take a good dose of it whenever you need it. No doctor’s prescriptions required.

Happy weekend, folks!

P.S. I’m going  to leave you with my son’s picture 🙂 One of my greatest inspirations to write better and better..

How Was Your Monday?

My Monday? Nothing short of EPIC! Wish I could have a light saber to sort things out.. LOL

On a more serious note.. Suffice it to say, I don’t mind losing the battle to win the war.

Hey, Tuesday! Come what may.. I’ll bring the light saber tomorrow 🙂