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Call A Friend..

I am not talking about one of the options that the contestants of “Who Wants To Be Millionaire” have when faced with tough questions (although the idea is a bit similar).

This is post is about ratcheting your brainpower and judgement — how to compliment your limited resources (i.e. experience or brain capacity) with your trusted network.

Like it or not, we have to agree to and accept to the fact that “hard facts” are hard to get by in this part of the world.

How do we make sound judgement then when we are facing the ‘unknown’ then?

Yep. You guess it right. Ask your trusted network for their experience. As much nuanced it might sound.. Well it’s still much better than plunging in and sailing to uncharted territory.

So, if you’re drawing up business plan here in Indonesia.. How can you tell whether you’re being realistic or overly optimistic? Simple. Get a sounding board. Call a friend.


How To Set Your Standard?

Clarity of thought. That is the purpose of this blog..

Well, this is more of reminder to myself so that I do not go off-tangent in my writing. Hence, the title of this blog is “whyhowwhat”. So, in any of the writing I need to clearly address why a topic is important, how to apply the thought / concepts / tips in real life and of courses what details or resources required in applying those ideas.

This brings me to our topic for today: “How to Set Your Standard”. This is actually a continuation from yesterday topic: “What is Your Standard?”.

There’s an ongoing debate on nature vs nurture in developing talents. I believe both are somewhat equally important; if anything I would lean towards ‘nurture’ because I strongly believe that we are the master of our own destiny.

The Power of Habit

Having said that, setting your standard is very important. The idea is to build your life around your ‘high’ standard. But how?

I can safely say that we are a product of our habit (if not a victim of our habit) or our own behaviour. So to get to the root cause, we need to make the ‘change’. But how?

Well for a start, you can learn your own habit. Analyze it. Tweak that habit — which in turn it can generate the result that you intend to have.

I am not sure whether I already wrote in this blog before; but I always think that whatever new ideas that you have, you can google it and find that someone else is actually already doing it.

Now, this idea of ‘habit’ is actually out there in In this book, the author presents a very simple (yet effective) way of tweaking your habit by: 1) finding ‘cue’ of your habit 2) analyzing your ‘routine’ and 3) finding out the ‘reward’ that you are looking from the routine. This short blog won’t do justice for this refreshing book though..

There is also this great book:’Talent is Overrated’ ( which also argues that ‘deliberate practice’ — not the talent you were born with — is the  critical factor to be a successful person; be it athletes, businessman, musician etc.

In the final analysis

Build that habit/standard/ritual/etc to chase your goals.

What is Your Standard?

What is Your Standard?.

What is Your Standard?

I only read International Herald Tribune and The Economist for both my daily and weekly news respectively. Why? Both of these printed media have a high standard of journalism. (Well, you can argue about this..)

At the very least, I take a 30 minutes run every other day in the morning.

I only drink the best ground coffee.

I only have high-resolution picture inserted in my presentation.

I scrutinize every single detail of calculations in any spreadsheet.

We all have our own standards and / or rituals to maintain that ‘standard’.

I am inspired by Tony Robbins (in his youtube video) on having a standard in order to follow through / persist your goals (

The point is that when you have a high standard then you will chase that standard.. No matter what..

Yes, I acknowledge that we should not chase perfection and we need to be biased towards actions.

We just need to strike the right balance between getting a high standard and being practical.

This week just began.. Keep pushing your standard!

Questions of The Week

Sometimes questions are more important than answers.

Nancy Willard, award-winning children’s author, poet, and novelist


Does it address the problem?

How does success look like?

Will it make you happy?

What do you think?

Why are we here?

How do you feel when … finally materialize?

Happy weekend folks!

Are You Working On Your Priorities?

The above question really hit me this morning when I receive my email subscription from Chris Brogan (

To be exact, the question asks whether we are working on our priority on DAILY basis.

Hey, that’s the whole idea of naming this blog ‘my daily two cents’ so that I write on daily basis on my observation on this world: professional related or personal related.. and I am guilty sometime of skipping a day or two by not writing this blog on daily basis.

Yes, it’s my priority to build my capability as a writer. The one who distills his tacit knowledge into explicit one in the form of writing.

So what are your priorities (both professional and personal…)?

Are you working on them on daily basis?

I am going to make my five-minute-call to my 2 year old son now.. (it’s my priority to keep in touch with my beloved family)

Have a great day folks!

Stay Positive (The Future Is Bright)

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. Mahatma Gandhi

To tell the honest truth, I am much more a realist than a pure optimist. Well, most of the time, I keep pushing myself to be an optimistic realist — one who takes both practical approach and outlook towards life itself with some healthy degree of optimism.

Why we need to be optimistic

All projection on macroeconomic indicators point into the same direction: upward. I just got back from a 2 hour talk by one of Indonesia’s well-known economist, Faisal Basri, who gave a very compelling presentation on how positive the outlook for this beloved country in 2012.

How to ride this wave

There are industries which steadily grow positively above average namely: F & B, Properties and Financial Service. (Hey, glad to be part of the growing industry).

Jokingly, the speaker also said that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur then be in a venture which is still un-regulated by government i.e. internet-based service and the like of it.

I leave it with the quote below from Paulo Coelho from his popular book ‘The Alchemist’ “When you something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”