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How is Your Day? (Would You Be Proud To Share It With Your Future-Adult Child?)

Sorry for this complicated title. I blame it to all the spreadsheets that I have been staring at. Somehow it has this ‘magical’ effect of putting uncalled-for complexities to my head..

Let’s get down to business..

How is your day?

What do you have to do today to bring the rice bowl to the dining table (or bread to your dining table – depending on which part of the world you live in; and your choice of diet.)

Would you be proud to tell that to your kid when he or she grows as an adult? Would it inspire him / her to bring change to this world?

I guess that’s power of asking the right question. It would bring you to whole new level (higher level of course) in perceiving the world and taking the right decisions and actions.


Have you seen KONY 2012 This video inspires me to write this. Especially when the kid tells his dad that he wants to be just like his dad (at minute 28.52 of this long video).