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The Uncharted Teritorry

There were times when people used to believe if they keep traveling (or sailing) ahead they will fall into a cliff because they reach the edge of this planet. They were wrong. The earth is round.

A wise man also said that we fear of the unknown.

All sorts of scenarios, possibilities, risks flash in your mind when you think about something new. A foreign environment. Different people. Different culture.

We know that we’re not going to fall from a cliff of the edge of the world when we boldly go to the uncharted teritorry.

Yet, if I can borrow Daniel Kahneman’s thoughts, in my own experience, my System 1 (the emotional side which thinks fast) almost always beats the System 2 (the logical one which thinks ‘slow’) when facing an unknown. The old lizzard brain simply overrides the cognitive function – or decision making process can get biased.

To get back to the ‘Uncharted Teritorry’ analogy, these days , we are fully equipped with advanced techonology (GPS, Google Map etc) to help us navigate ourselves into our destination – a foreign land if you will.

So, we can tap into the crowd intelligence in the World Wide Web and ask the burning questions to millions of experts. This way, we can glean into their past experience when they go through our uncharted teritorry.

But, remember, sometimes GPS too could be misleading due to several reasons. One simple example, the map has not been updated for quite sometime.

And in crowd intelligence case, the so called expert might have experienced the ‘event’ a while ago which render it irrelevant.

Still, we need to at least reduce the fear by reducing the unknowns.


The Incrementalist

I “borrow’ this term from Scott Belsky’s inspiring book: “Making Ideas Happen”.

Basically, the incrementalist is the combination of the “dreamer” and  the “doer”.

Someone who loves new ideas or concepts and at the same time he/she is also — in my own term — so restless which in turn pushes themselves to get into action in implementing or realizing the ideas / concepts.

I guess I just got stuck in my ‘dreamer’ self  when it comes to writing in the past months. No, I am not trying to justify myself or even worse seeking excuses as to why this supposedly daily blog sometime turns into a monthly one.. LOL (Believe me.. There are almost 50 drafts which are dying to be published; however my ‘dreamer’ side of me just keeps telling me that those drafts are not just ‘ready’ yet.)

My two cents?

Get un-stucked. Be the incrementalist! Dream it and do it!

Be Inspired!

I can still vividly remember (and it is still resounding in my head sometime — well most of the time, these days, though) when one of my former colleague told me about “going through the grind”.

I know that he meant well..

‘Going through grind’ can be translated to ‘self-discipline’. Yes, it requires enormous willpower to beat the inertia to go through the same basic regimen — day in and day out.

Alas, we’re not robots or machine.

Human beings are far more complex with their biological and emotional make-up.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we require the 10,000 hours of practice / the deliberate practice / the ideal habit etc for us to reach whatever goals that we conceive and would like to achieve.

So.. We need that slight ‘nudge’ of inspiration from time to time when the supposedly well-oiled-machine is losing its traction.

Be inspired. Spend sometime with your loved ones. Run more miles. Read more inspiring books. Talk to more people.

..and after that, have fun keeping your nose to the grindstone again 🙂

The Power of Writing

Writing things down does not only ‘download’ or should I say ‘unload’ your seemingly disparate thoughts into perspective but it also clarifies your thoughts — most importantly — to yourself; thus structured and logical analysis can be thoroughly performed in a relatively easier way to that idea inside your head.

A visual person might argue on this point and tries to prove that ‘images’ brings better perspective. Well, let’s not debate about that — at least for now.

Texts also capture your thoughts instantanously. You never know when you can get distracted and lose your train of thought while you are trying to solve great problems; or when a ‘light bulb’ moment strikes you.

So, my two cents at the end of this 3rd week of October 2012 is that I need to write things down more frequently to be more productive as well as creative.


When can you tell that enough is enough?

Well, it depends..

It can be: ‘Never’ or ‘Now’.

If it relates to something that you are passionate about or someone that you love dearly then the obvious answer would be: ‘Never’.

How about the other answer? (‘Now’)

Do tell me or share your ideas or comments when that other answer is called for..

I hope I won’t stumble to that ‘unwanted’ situation.


On Leadership

We’re all leaders.

We lead our own life — at the very least.

Some people perform this ‘leadership task’ effortlessly… Perhaps, it’s something innate — a talent, if you will.

There are tons books and references out there on leadership that we can learn from.

There are also great leaders around us that we can observe and emulate.

Like any other thing(s) in life, the very first and most important thing that we MUST do in order to accomplish something is to ACKNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTAND the role.

With that.. [having acknowledged and understood the role]

We are leaders.