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Are You Obsessed?

Don’t worry if you are…

From the ‘Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg, I gathered that ‘being obsessed’ is a trait of successful athlete.

The swimming coach who trained Michael Phelps  saw that obsession in him, long before he was the Olympic Gold medalist.

Imagine where obsession can drive you tomorrow.

Keep up the obsession!

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Can We Look At Life Less Seriously?

By training and by character, some people (like myself) are ‘cursed’ to take every single thing very seriously.

Taking a much longer view (both in terms of historical perspective as well as serious attempt to foresee the future), we’d be lucky if we could make a ‘dent’ in the universe (borrowing a phrase from the genius – Steve Jobs).

Yes, we could make a change and lead the change even if we do not have the title (as Mr Sharma puts it).

However, life is much more ‘nuanced’ than any words can capture (this why we need to be a good at reading between the lines.. and then lead the way).


(Sooner or later or) Someday we look back at whatever we do today and laugh about it.

Visualize that ‘someday’.

Take your time to laugh at yourself (at the close of business day, today)

Get recharged.

Tomorrow is a new day!

On Habit

They say old habit dies hard. It is also hard to form a new habit.

As a follow up from my past blog on ‘The Checklist’, I should say that I really didn’t know what I got myself into when I committed to such aggressive ‘action points’.

..and writing this blog is part of my ‘action points’.

So how did I make or should I say force myself into writing this despite the other ‘screaming’ and demanding workloads?

During lunch break, I watched a very ‘moving’ 5 minute video on youtube by Nido Qubein. He said that there are 2 kinds of pain: pain of discipline and pain of regret.

So there you go.. In this blog, I am sharing my pain of discipline to those of you out there who are also striving to discipline yourself in reaching your goals.

I’d also like to leave you with one moving quote:

“Next time this year, you will wish that you start it today”

Have a great week and a great month of July!

Call A Friend..

I am not talking about one of the options that the contestants of “Who Wants To Be Millionaire” have when faced with tough questions (although the idea is a bit similar).

This is post is about ratcheting your brainpower and judgement — how to compliment your limited resources (i.e. experience or brain capacity) with your trusted network.

Like it or not, we have to agree to and accept to the fact that “hard facts” are hard to get by in this part of the world.

How do we make sound judgement then when we are facing the ‘unknown’ then?

Yep. You guess it right. Ask your trusted network for their experience. As much nuanced it might sound.. Well it’s still much better than plunging in and sailing to uncharted territory.

So, if you’re drawing up business plan here in Indonesia.. How can you tell whether you’re being realistic or overly optimistic? Simple. Get a sounding board. Call a friend.

Ideas are..

Ideas are like slippery fish; they have a peculiar knack for getting away from us unless we gaffe them on the point of a pencil. —Earl Nightingale

Do you carry notebook [I mean, the hardcopy one :), I am not refering laptop] around?

Or voice recorder?

Or these days people always have their handphone or smartphone by their side anyway..

What I am trying to suggest is that we need to have these tools readily available to capture the idea.

You never know that you might hit ‘oil’ when the next idea strikes you..

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Goals (Better To Be 5 Months Late Than 5 Years..)

I like to read.. Well, let me rephrase that, I am CRAZY about reading..

I always thought that writing would come naturally if you love to write. All those stimulating words, sentences, stories, concepts etc would become an integral part of me..

Just like a great chef, I thought that I would be able to use all those ‘ingredients’ instantaneously inside my head amassed from all those stacks of books and pdf files for a great ‘gourmet’ writing.

So that anyone who would care to ‘taste’ my fine ‘meal’ would be ‘heartily fulfilled’.

That was the plan back then.

Now, it has been around 5 years since I talked  myself into building my capability to write both technical writing such as white paper etc. as well as to write more of free-wheeling ideas such as this blog.

This brings me to the point of how important it is to have a clear goal (or even better clear goals) in your life. .. And make sure you have your goals in writing; so that you can always revisit those goals and review them.

I know that we are already almost halfway in the fifth month of this year; however it’s never too late to have your specific goals now (surely better than realizing that you are already in your fifth year of having unrealized dream).


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Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

Please look it up here for this very obvious concept.

Can you spot this blatant mistake committed by (even) a mainstream media when they argue on a particular point?

There you go..

Be extremely critical.

Just because it’s there and argued by experts do not necessarily mean that it’s the ultimate truth.

What am I actually referring to?

I am talking about the argument on the decline of Japanese companies such as Sony…

Is it really due to their focus on ‘continuous improvement’ as opposed to innovation?

Thoughts on the underlying cause of the issues / decline?

I would love to hear it..

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The 10,000 Hours Rule

I can safely assume that we all have read about this concept which was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his Outlier book.

In short, you need roughly practice of around 20 hours per week for 10 years to reach world-class mastery.

So, in this golden hour, when you plan your day, picture yourself 10 years from now… How do you see yourself?

Now, plan a deliberate practice of 20 hours per week to make than vision happen.

Have a great day, folks!

Keep Up The Momentum

The ‘Hydra’ for today has been slashed with my light saber..

Energy level has dwindled somewhat..

Am also fighting the flu..

Hey, I still have my ‘mileage buildup’ to catch up.. I need to run for 45 mins tonight.

Going to catch  some of the motivational videos to amp up myself before the training.


Me and My Thoughts (When was the last time that you had a conversation with yourself?)

During my last running session (that’s the short answer to the question above).

That was the ‘usual’ time when I contemplated.

The conversation ranging from a ‘small talk’ to ‘in-depth discussion’ and even to a ‘lively debate’ (me vs myself).

I guess the so called ‘runners high’ (serotonin, dopamine etc) helps a lot to drive a healthy ‘conversation’ which usually brings refreshing ideas.

So, if you are in a dire need of a refreshing or brilliant idea, then simply lace up your running shoes and enjoy that ‘zen’ feeling (which usually hits when you reach 3 to 4 km’s) to get you in the zone.