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“It’s already 5PM and I still have not done anything..”

I often told this to myself at work and sometimes I still do.

There are lots of productivity apps out there and there are also lots of books on how to be productive too.

And I consider myself as a junkie when it comes to consuming all those two tools (apps and books) in helping me to be more productive.

Has it been a success for me on leaning to the productivity tools? Well.. Yes,  I might say to a varying degree.

My favorite apps now:  way of life and

Books? I somehow stopped reading the books for a while because I want to focus on reading “Antifragility” by Nassim Taleb. Well, the book can somehow help in pursuing my productive self. But the main reason that I am reading the is that I am following a reading group on that book. I am ‘testing’ whether I can increase my level of reading comprehension by joining the group read. And on top of that we also are trying to find ways to apply the take aways from the book to our real life.

And lately I have new ‘tool’ to keep focus on achieving my goal. An accountability partner. The partner and I meet once a week to follow up on our commitment in chasing my goal.

I can surely attest that the ‘partnership’ is working for me. I followed through my commitment to write a blog this week (yep, this the BLOG).


The Power of Writing

Writing things down does not only ‘download’ or should I say ‘unload’ your seemingly disparate thoughts into perspective but it also clarifies your thoughts — most importantly — to yourself; thus structured and logical analysis can be thoroughly performed in a relatively easier way to that idea inside your head.

A visual person might argue on this point and tries to prove that ‘images’ brings better perspective. Well, let’s not debate about that — at least for now.

Texts also capture your thoughts instantanously. You never know when you can get distracted and lose your train of thought while you are trying to solve great problems; or when a ‘light bulb’ moment strikes you.

So, my two cents at the end of this 3rd week of October 2012 is that I need to write things down more frequently to be more productive as well as creative.

Is it the right thing to do?

Do yourself a favor and ask this very simple question (i.e. “Is this the right to do?”) to yourself for every single decision that you take (even more a strategic or decision with wider implication).

Listen to the little voice inside.

..and follow through.


Ideas are..

Ideas are like slippery fish; they have a peculiar knack for getting away from us unless we gaffe them on the point of a pencil. —Earl Nightingale

Do you carry notebook [I mean, the hardcopy one :), I am not refering laptop] around?

Or voice recorder?

Or these days people always have their handphone or smartphone by their side anyway..

What I am trying to suggest is that we need to have these tools readily available to capture the idea.

You never know that you might hit ‘oil’ when the next idea strikes you..

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Thank You Mother

Thank You Mother.

Thank You Mother

What gives you the ‘buzz’ in your job?

Sharing, exchanging ideas, seeing the ideas materialize?

Someone once said that is the closest a man can get to experience the birth process (i.e. delivering his ideas into a successful project/program/product).

As a professional who has experienced the pain and joy of delivering projects & products.. as well as a proud father of wonderful 2 year old, I humbly raise my hat to all the mothers for their perseverance..

We are what we are because of you, Mum..

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Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

Please look it up here for this very obvious concept.

Can you spot this blatant mistake committed by (even) a mainstream media when they argue on a particular point?

There you go..

Be extremely critical.

Just because it’s there and argued by experts do not necessarily mean that it’s the ultimate truth.

What am I actually referring to?

I am talking about the argument on the decline of Japanese companies such as Sony…

Is it really due to their focus on ‘continuous improvement’ as opposed to innovation?

Thoughts on the underlying cause of the issues / decline?

I would love to hear it..

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Are We There Yet?

Well, it depends..

Only you can tell if you reach the destination.

My thoughts?

We should be extremely clear (an at the same very agile in responding to changes) to our own definition of goal/’destination’.

Ambiguity will always be there.. They say that there are many shades of gray.


Don’t be.

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” H.L. Hunt


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The Connector (Normally, I’m a Maven though..)

“Do you know Mr. ..?”

“Can you introduce me to Ms…?”

As I mentioned in the title, I am more of a Maven if I can borrow the term from Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Tipping Point”, someone who amasses huge amount of information and knowledge; and is also usually the source of knowledge — the go-to person for know-how or know-what.

However, today is a bit different..

People ask me for other people..

Thank you Mr Keith Ferrazzi! Netwoking is fun and rewarding!!!

A Great Beginning of The Month

The first of May is The Labor Day or also known as May Day.. You can read in the (mainstream) media about the rally which caused terrible traffic in major cities in this country.

Can we actually expect a great change related to policy or regulation on labor? I am not too sure..

So what actually happened that made today a great beginning of the month?

A very simple joy.

My 2 year old son could actually say,”I love you”.

Thank you son.

You made my (not may.. though) day.