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When can you tell that enough is enough?

Well, it depends..

It can be: ‘Never’ or ‘Now’.

If it relates to something that you are passionate about or someone that you love dearly then the obvious answer would be: ‘Never’.

How about the other answer? (‘Now’)

Do tell me or share your ideas or comments when that other answer is called for..

I hope I won’t stumble to that ‘unwanted’ situation.



Everyday is a New Day


You can tell from this cut out picture that this 2 year old kid is having the time of his life..

He could be looking at his favorite book in this picture.. Or his new toy.. Or his   water color set and trying to draw his own version of a piece of ‘Picasso’.. Or playing with my iPad .. Or maybe playing with our cat..

The glee.

You can see it in his eyes.

Everyday is a new day and this kid (the apple of our eyes) knows that very well..

We all can learn something from a 2 year old kid. With a new day comes new excitement.. and also new hope for that matter.

Don’t lose the ‘kid’ in our heart.

Are You Obsessed?

Don’t worry if you are…

From the ‘Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg, I gathered that ‘being obsessed’ is a trait of successful athlete.

The swimming coach who trained Michael Phelps  saw that obsession in him, long before he was the Olympic Gold medalist.

Imagine where obsession can drive you tomorrow.

Keep up the obsession!

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Life is Beautiful

This is exactly what I am going to tell to my younger self; that “Life is beautiful”.

Well.. Here’s the story.. Today, I responded to a survey conducted by Buffer App which intended to gather ‘messages’ that you would like to deliver to your ‘younger self’.

My message is very simple: “Life is beautiful. There will be ups and downs. Always keep your head up”.

It might be hard to calm down a restless soul who’s always constantly striving for achievements (do take my words for this); however patience is definitely a virtue.

You just need to convince yourself that all  the hills that you climb and stumble are just part of bigger journey in climbing to the peak of the mountain.

Easier said than done? Yep.

There’s no easy or practical way to get through the ‘trough’. You just gotta roll with it, young me.


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The Curve Ball (A Rehash)

Scenario planning.

This exercise would map all possible events (even Black Swan phenomenon if needs be) so that we can be prepared (i.e. all risk mitigation measures are in place etc…).

Moreover, we also prepare initiatives which support Key Success Factors in each scenario.

When we talk about initiatives, of course we must prepare all the necessary resources (i.e. people, capital, technology and so forth) to reach the aim of the initiatives within the agreed timeline (surely we also need to be mindful on ‘deliverable’ for each milestone of the initiatives).

Putting our project manager’s hat on, all the activities that I am talking about are all ‘matter of fact’ things that we execute (hopefully) seamlessly on daily basis — in a detached manner (devoid of emotional attachment).

Now, let’s exercise this idea into a much more personal (with much more emotional baggage).

We try to plan to deal with the ‘unusual event’ which involves us personally.. Well, we can try..

When the ‘curve ball’ (unusual event) finally hits us, somehow ‘muscle memory’ declares ‘amnesia’.

Perhaps the ‘muscle memory’ is not ‘muscular’ enough?

Just my two cents on a Friday 🙂

Happy weekend, folks!

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Coherent (Still On Leadership)

Remember the time when we were learning how to make a good composition..?

One of the main emphasis  that I still vividly remember is that we need to make a coherent paragraph.

The flowing narratives or thought processes are to be reflected in the coherent paragraph.

How is this idea of coherence applicable in the subject of ‘Leadership’?

Pretty simple.

Leadership shows direction. The so called: true North.

To show or to tell the direction — in order to ensure smooth execution — you definitely need clear and coherent narratives.

It is the ‘Leadership’ role to demystify the ‘ambiguity’ — any potential ‘vagueness’ for that matter.

Coherence leads away from unnecessary confusion.


The Law of Diminishing Return

More is Less.

I guess that is the fact that we have to realize when we have put enough ‘hours’ to a working day. We will reach a point where the output is simply ‘negative’ i.e. more ‘value destruction’ than ‘value creation’ happening at work.

For me, today started at 3.30AM..

It’s been a long …and so far a productive day.

Surely wouldn’t want to ‘destruct’ the value by creating any error(s) due to my tired eyes.

So before ‘more’ become ‘less’ and that ‘Law’ applies to you..

You know what to do 🙂

Call it a day.

Bye for now.

On Leadership

We’re all leaders.

We lead our own life — at the very least.

Some people perform this ‘leadership task’ effortlessly… Perhaps, it’s something innate — a talent, if you will.

There are tons books and references out there on leadership that we can learn from.

There are also great leaders around us that we can observe and emulate.

Like any other thing(s) in life, the very first and most important thing that we MUST do in order to accomplish something is to ACKNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTAND the role.

With that.. [having acknowledged and understood the role]

We are leaders.


On Habit (A Rehash)

If only we are living in a life like in a ‘Groundhog Day’ then forming a particular habit and following it through – day in and day out – would be an effortless attempt.

Last time I checked, we are still living in this real world and change is the only constant.

Any urgent but not so important matter can sometime easily eat out your precious and most valuable time — which you are trying to protect dearly.

Yes, I am talking about my personal bout against myself to stay on track in forming my writing habit.

Fortunately, the better of me got quite ‘lucky’ and convinced myself to pour my thought and write despite the other ‘screaming’ distractions.

I know that I am only writing and pouring thoughts into several lines in the middle of Friday night — they’re still thousands of words shy from a well written essay.

However, for those of you who are struggling to form a new writing habit or any good habit for that matter, ‘crawling’ back and get yourself to your ‘track’ is one satisfying feeling.

Deep inside, you know that if you just muster the willpower then the habit will follow.

Have a great weekend folks!


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Can We Look At Life Less Seriously?

By training and by character, some people (like myself) are ‘cursed’ to take every single thing very seriously.

Taking a much longer view (both in terms of historical perspective as well as serious attempt to foresee the future), we’d be lucky if we could make a ‘dent’ in the universe (borrowing a phrase from the genius – Steve Jobs).

Yes, we could make a change and lead the change even if we do not have the title (as Mr Sharma puts it).

However, life is much more ‘nuanced’ than any words can capture (this why we need to be a good at reading between the lines.. and then lead the way).


(Sooner or later or) Someday we look back at whatever we do today and laugh about it.

Visualize that ‘someday’.

Take your time to laugh at yourself (at the close of business day, today)

Get recharged.

Tomorrow is a new day!